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The department endeavours to provide the latest policy advice and country specific information to inform education and research engagement with priority partners overseas. This information is used to inform cooperation with partner ministries and departments of education, training and research, and with respective institutions in these sectors in China.

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Policy updates

Online Education

2023China ends COVID-19 temporary measure on evaluation of online study
2021CSCSE supplementary explanation announcement policy update
2020Formal advice on degree verification for Chinese international students - online learning due to COVID-19
2016Online education in China

Joint Institutes and Joint Programs

2021China updates list of terminated joint projects and extends support to students impacted by the pandemic through Chinese-Foreign joint ventures
2018Formal termination of 234 defunct transnational education partnerships
2017Review of Regulations and Implementation Measures for Chinese-Foreign Joint Programs and Schools
2015Approvals processes for Sino-Foreign Joint institutions and Joint programs

Higher Education

2024Changes to China's continuing education
2024Returned graduates eligible for special civil service recruitment pathway
2023Hainan issues details on independently run foreign higher education institutions
2023 Changes to the JSJ website - China's official portal for international education affairs supervision and management
2022Second round announced of Double First-Class initiative
2020China announces university disciplines reform plan to strengthen foundation subjects
2017Double First Class - Class university and discipline policy update
Double First Class - Implementation measures released for China's new world-class university policy
2016Double First Class - China's World Class 2.0 - an update

Vocational Education

2022China’s focus on vocational education towards 2035
2020China's negative lists suggest foreign-owned academic vocational training institutions in FTZs may be possible
China announces vocational education action plan for 2020-2023
2019China announces major reform to vocational education sector

Early Childhood and Schools

2022Changes to private school regulations in China
2021Double Reduction Plan reduces homework and off-campus tutoring for Chinese school students
2016Amendments to China's law on promotion of non-public schools

General information

2024Patriotic Education Law of China
2023China's Hukou system and impact on study abroad
2022China's Personal Information Protection Law
China's Key Education Tasks for 2022
2021China issues first Overall Plan on Education Evaluation
2020China's education arrangements during COVID-19 pandemic period
China to persist in the "opening-up" of education
China propose draft regulation on employment and management of foreign teachers in the country
China's education modernisation plan towards 2035
China encourages HEIs to offer Second Bachelor's Degrees from 2020
2017China expands efforts to improve applied research capacity
Considering teaching English in China? Guidelines and regulations
China easing work permit requirements for foreign graduates
2016China - New Directive for International Education
Reforms to China's National Higher Education Entrance Examination - the Gaokao
Chinese universities establishing programs and campuses in foreign countries
Changes to visas and internship opportunities in China
China’s Education Development 13th Five-Year Plan

Any old resources or previous policy updates may be found by searching on Trove, a web archive managed by the National Library of Australia