International student enrolment and commencement data by ABS SA4

International enrolment and commencement numbers for students studying on a student visa can be interrogated by Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Australian Statistical Geographic Standard (ASGS) Statistical Area Level 4 (SA4) region.

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Considerations for interpreting this data

Handy hints

  • Hovering over an area will display the SA4 name and some statistics for the area.
  • Selecting a SA4 region will display more detailed graphs for the SA4 region below the graph.
  • Selecting individual bars on the column chart will display bar graphs for the selected measure (enrolment or commencement), and the selected measure period.
  • Hovering over the treemap will display the statistics for the nationality, which is especially useful for small cells where the text cannot be shown.
  • Selecting the legend under the treemap will filter the treemap data by the selected cells.  If no cell data is available for the chosen category, no filtering will be performed.
  • The titles for the bar graphs are links.  Selecting the SA4 region will navigate back to the map, allowing selection of a new SA4 region.  Selecting the period and measure will navigate back to the column chart, allowing selection of a new measure and period.

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