Enhancing Cyber Security Across Australia’s University Sector: Final Report

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In May 2020, the then Minister for Education allocated $1.6 million in funds from the 2019-20 Enabling Growth and Innovation (EGI) Program to enhance cyber security across Australia’s university sector.

In June 2020, RMIT University commenced delivery of the Enhancing Cyber Security Across Australia’s University Sector project (the Project).

The Project formally concluded on 31 December 2022, with RMIT University delivering the Project’s Final Report.

Training resources include blueprints, handbooks, and self-assessment tools to enhance the university sector’s specific capabilities and resilience, to mitigate threats and respond to incidents in alignment with government and industry regulations.

Access to training resources can be requested by emailing the RMIT team at enhancing.cybersecurity@rmit.edu.au from a university-provided email.

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