Payments and grants for schools

There are a variety of financial assistance programs for schools. Funding is provided to help their communities and support improvements to their infrastructure.

Quality Schools Package

The Quality Schools Package delivers school funding and reform arrangements focusing on what students need to be their best.

This new funding arrangement ensures:

  • Every student gets the resources they need, regardless of background or where they live
  • Total Commonwealth investment in schools will increase by 86.4% from 2018 to 2029
  • Schools and students that need the most additional resources will get the biggest funding increases in the fastest time period
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Capital Grants Program

The Capital Grants Program (CGP) helps non-government education authorities with financial assistance to improve school infrastructure.

Quality Schools

Special Circumstances Funding

The Special Circumstances funding program provided financial assistance to eligible non-government schools when unexpected circumstances or events caused severe and temporary financial difficultly.

From July 2020, the Choice and Affordability fund will support schools and students impacted by special circumstances or in priority areas such as:

  • Rural, regional and remote locations
  • Areas affected by drought or other natural disasters
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Reports on financial assistance paid to the schools sector

The Australian Government provides financial assistance funding to government and non-government approved authorities for school education purposes. Go to current and past financial assistance reports to find information on Australian Government funding to the schools sector.

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