The Virtual Work Experience Program is available for young people

Virtual Work Experience Program banner with an image of young school girl doing school work at her desk,

The Virtual Work Experience Program is available for people aged 14-25 interested in pursuing a career in tech. This free online program offers an exciting opportunity for young people to build their skills through modules designed by the Tech Council and Australia’s leading technology employers.

Young people interested in a career in tech are encouraged to explore the many roles available. You can spend a day in the life of cyber security specialists, data scientists, software engineers, food scientists, marine technicians, network engineers and more. Young people can participate in as many modules as they like.

What’s involved in the Virtual Work Experience Program:

  • There are a range of experiences to give you an overview of the job role and video content featuring young tech professionals who share their insights
  • The online training materials involve interactive activities designed to align with the evolving demands of the tech industry
  • Learners get an inside look into the daily lives of professionals and hear about the various pathways into specific roles
  • A certificate is given for every role completed which can be used for resumes and social profiles.

Access the work experience roles on the Year 13 website.

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