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Do you need guidance and resources to help you understand intellectual property (IP) in industry-university research collaboration?

Understanding and negotiating IP rights can be challenging when developing new products and services. The Higher Education Research Commercialisation Intellectual Property Framework (HERC IP Framework) makes it easier for businesses and universities to work together, through resources dedicated to making IP negotiations simpler.

The Framework can assist with understanding and managing IP effectively when establishing research partnerships. The Framework includes:

  • a practical guide based on Australian and international best practice to understand where the Framework would be useful
  • step-by-step information to help you learn more about IP
  • tips on simplifying negotiations with partners
  • standardised agreement templates to assist in the negotiation process.

When to use the Framework:

Collaborative research

When universities and businesses work together to develop new technologies or solve research problems.

Accessing technical services and equipment

When a business wants to commission a technical service or access equipment from a university.

Licensing IP

When a business wants to use IP owned by a university for internal research or commercial purposes (including selling products and services).

Buying IP

When a business wants to purchase IP from a university for internal or commercial use.

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