Regional University Study Hub in Albany providing 24/7 access for students

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Jessica Cant couldn’t speak more highly of the Great Southern Universities Study Hub in Albany, Western Australia.

Jessica is studying a Doctor of Medicine degree and is currently using the Study Hub while she is on a regional placement.

Regional University Study Hubs provide students with study spaces, IT, internet access, and administrative, academic skills and wellbeing support.

The Great Southern Universities Study Hub has been so successful in supporting students through tertiary education that it recently expanded to occupy a second level that offers a communal kitchen and study spaces.

Today we hear from Jessica about how the Study Hub is supporting her to complete her studies.

What was the challenge you were facing that made you seek out the service/facilities?

As part of our Medicine course, we get the opportunity to move rurally for a year and study with the Rural Clinical School. This has been amazing but means that our usual university library and home "setups" aren't available. I find studying from home a bit boring and less efficient than a dedicated space and sometimes you want a little bit of space and quiet in a busy house.

How did the service/facilities help you to overcome your challenge? What has been the result of using the services?

Using the study hub has allowed me to create a routine that I find really enjoyable. Being able to use a space 24/7 is incredible and it is very well supplied with monitors, keyboards, mouses and the best part – large desks! The hub means that I have a comfortable quiet space that I can go to any time and has greatly increased my enjoyment of studying, as well as my efficiency.

What did you like most about your experience, or the service offered?

I have enjoyed the 24/7 access. I really enjoy studying on a Sunday and nothing else in town is open at all! The facilities with great computer stations and lots of tea and coffee on order also really add to the experience. The building itself is also amazing with stunning views of the harbour. It makes it very easy to have a break and look out the window.

If you were to recommend the service to other students who are studying online in regional communities, what would you say?

I could not recommend this place more! I have said to my friends many times that I love the study hub with a passion! It is quiet, comfortable and has anything you could need. I find going to a dedicated space in which other people are studying helps me to be far more productive and you also feel a sense of community with the other students. Kristina and Mark who run the hub are incredibly kind and friendly and very much go above and beyond to help their students. Go visit the study hub, you won't regret it!

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Photo: Jessica Cant at the Great Southern Universities Study Hub

The Great Southern Universities Study Hub is funded through the Australian Government’s Regional University Study Hubs program.

The Regional University Study Hubs program is supporting more than 3400 students, who are studying more than 1000 courses through over 200 tertiary education providers around Australia.

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