New venture studio opens at Curtin University

Trailblazer - Curtin Uni Newsroom Banner (Decorative)

Assistant Minister for Education, Senator the Hon Anthony Chisholm has unveiled the Curtin Venture Studio at the Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Trailblazer at Curtin University.

The $18.6 million studio, a first at an Australian university, aims to fast-track innovation in the resources and critical minerals sectors and develop new technologies to support Australia’s net zero future. 

The studio will provide researchers with access to capital, potential partners, mentors, infrastructure and equipment. 

The critical mineral sector in Australia is rapidly building. The Curtin Trailblazer, in partnership with The University of Queensland and James Cook University, aims to secure a reliable supply of critical minerals by using the innovation and knowledge to achieve commercial outcomes.

Assistant Minister Chisholm said:

Investment into this sector doesn’t just start onsite, it also needs to start with research and development, and with facilities like the Curtin Venture Studio.

Western Australia is home to the resources the world needs to reach net zero and this Trailblazer program is developing solutions to help tackle some of the resources sector’s biggest challenges, so we can hit that target.

The Curtin Venture Studio will support Australia’s transition to renewable energy, but also create employment opportunities throughout regional Australia. We expect 40 per cent of this Trailblazer’s activities to take place in the regions, with an estimated $30 million to be spent in regional areas through its industry partners and suppliers.” 

The Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Trailblazer has anticipated funding of $195 million, including $109 million of co-contributions from industry partners.

The Trailblazer will work with more than 20 industry partners including small and medium sized companies to boost industries research capability and commercial potential.

The Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Trailblazer is one of six projects supported by the Australian Government’s $370.3 million Trailblazer Universities Program which aims to build new research capabilities, drive commercialisation outcomes, and invest in new industry engagement opportunities.

Learn more about the Trailblazers Universities Program and the Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Trailblazer.

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