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MicroCred Seeker

This story was first published on Wednesday 1 March 2023. If you wish to use this content, please contact media@education.gov.au to confirm that the information is still current.

There are hundreds of microcredential courses to explore on the new MicroCred Seeker website, including some that are free of charge. Explore the MicroCred Seeker website today.

In December 2022, the Australian Government Department of Education – in partnership with the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) – launched the MicroCred Seeker website.

This website allows students to compare microcredential courses and helps them understand how they can be stacked and used for credit towards a higher-level qualification. Microcredential courses are typically shorter courses that can help a student quickly acquire job-ready skills without the need for a longer time commitment.

Courses can be offered at levels ranging from novice to expert in a wide variety of industries including graphic design, data science, and business analytics.

David Christie, Managing Director of the University Admissions Centre describes the new platform as “a wonderful example of government and the higher education sector working collaboratively to deliver really useful information to a broad community interested in learning, educating and upskilling.”

If you’re thinking about undertaking further study, explore the new MicroCred Seeker platform to find a microcredential that’s right for you.

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