Education pathways of international students while on a student visa

International students studying on a student visa can study in multiple education sectors while in Australia.  This data visualisation maps the pathways as students move between education sectors, allowing examination of where students go after studying in the Schools, ELICOS and non-award sectors, and where they come from when starting their journey in the Higher Education and VET sectors.

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Considerations for interpreting this data

  • International students can study in multiple education sectors while in Australia on a student visa.  While it is not possible to list every combination of courses studied, this pathways data aims to capture milestones in a student's study path.
  • For higher education and VET, the pathways data captures the first ever time the student has commenced study in the education sector, and the sector studied immediately before commencement of the higher education and VET course.
  • For School, ELICOS and non-award courses, the pathways data captures the first time the student has studied in any of these sectors, and the immediate education sector studied after completion that is different.  

Handy hints

  • Clicking on the nationalities button will allow selection for any available nationalities.  Click on the button again to cancel.
  • Clicking on the thumbnail buttons on the left hand side will display it as the main chart.
  • The thumbnails reflect real pathways data, and by hovering over them will show the actual pathways data without having to enlarge them.
  • Where a chart does not exist for a combination of nationality and year, no chart will be displayed.  Select other years to display existing charts for each nationality.