Step 2: Choose an agreement

Now that you know what category your project falls under, you will need to choose the right agreement template(s) for your project. Use the tool below to help you.

On this page:

The Framework provides agreement templates for businesses and universities to use when working on projects under each commercialisation pathway.

Agreements by category

Which agreement should I use for my project?

A decision tree is available to assist users navigate which agreement may be appropriate for your circumstances.

Remember: For projects where the use of the template agreements is not appropriate, parties should continue to seek independent legal advice and adopt their own agreements.

Decision Tree

Use the flow chart to help decide which agreement might be suitable for your project. A downloadable pdf is also available for your information.

HERC IP Guidance Decision Tree

Note: The Framework has a Variation Agreement for parties to vary an agreement once a project is underway.

Practical Guide

To find out more about when (and when not) to use each agreement go to section 4 of the Practical Guide (page 18 in the pdf version).