Engaged Classrooms: Supporting all students to achieve

As part of the 2022/2023 budget, the Australian Government will invest $7.2 million over three years for Engaged Classrooms: supporting all students to achieve

The Engaged Classrooms package will help improve Australia’s learning environment by supporting inclusive, respectful classrooms so teachers can help their students achieve their full potential and improve education outcomes.

It will also help students to re-engage with the classroom environment after two years of disruption to learning.

The Engaged Classrooms package will help

  • support teachers, parents and school-communities through easy-to-access resources developed by education professionals
  • students and teachers return to classrooms in which they feel engaged, safe and respected
  • school leaders create a positive school culture that helps students perform at their best and supports their health and wellbeing
  • support Indigenous, neuro-diverse and students with disability feel engaged and supported at school.
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Professional Development

The Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO) will receive $3.5 million to develop resources that give teachers and school leaders clear evidence-based guidance and tools.

Resources developed will include a podcasts series involving expert guests, online and face-to-face training materials, targeted training for schools, written best practice materials, case studies and FAQs.

The advice and resources will also support parents to create learning environments outside of school classrooms that are more conducive to learning.

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