Hear from teachers on their positive experiences in the classroom

Hear from teachers on their positive stories and personal experiences in the classroom, in our new video series. Ten teachers and educators were interviewed from early childhood, primary and high school. They each provide a snapshot of their lives as teachers and the moments that shaped them.

The videos celebrate teachers and the valuable contribution they make each day. Teachers can be the difference in helping students reach their full potential. Their dedication, hard work and commitment can have an important impact on children and young people of all ages.

To ensure teachers are provided with the support they need to continue teaching our future generations, the National Teacher Workforce Action Plan (Action Plan) sets out a clear pathway to addressing the national issue of teacher workforce shortages. Visit the National Teacher Workforce Action Plan webpage to read the Plan.

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Watch the videos on our website.

Information is also available on our website for those interested in learning more about the department’s projects and opportunities for teachers. This includes programs for teachers and scholarships. Helpful information about becoming a teacher in each state and territory is also available.