Capacity to Contribute (CTC) score reviews

Fact sheet

What is a CTC score review?

A CTC score review is a process carried out by the Department to investigate the accuracy of a school’s CTC score.

When can a CTC score review application be made?

CTC scores are based on the most appropriate available data and are an accurate measure of capacity to contribute for most schools.

If an approved authority for a school believes its school’s CTC score is not accurate, and has evidence to support its case, it can apply to the department for a review of that score.

An approved authority can apply for a review of its school’s CTC score at any time.

Who can apply for a CTC score review?

Only the approved authority for a school can apply for a CTC score review.

What is the CTC score review process?

The Guidelines for Approved Authorities – Capacity to Contribute (CTC) Review Process (the Guidelines) provide essential information about the CTC score review process including the situations where a CTC score review will not proceed.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Technical Framework for the Capacity to Contribute Review Process provides helpful complementary information.

Independent oversight of CTC score reviews

To ensure the transparency of reviews, an independent External Assessor oversees each review to ensure the department’s assessment processes are appropriate and thorough.

How to apply for a CTC score review

If, after reading the Guidelines and the Technical Paper, an approved authority believes it has a reasonable case and supporting evidence for a CTC score review, it can apply for a review using the CTC score review application form.

Completed forms, together with supporting documentation, should be emailed to: or sent via post to: CTC Score Review Team, Department of Education, GPO Box 9880, Canberra ACT 2601.