Consultation Paper on Support for students policy requirements

This content was published on Wednesday 16 August 2023. There may be more recent updates available.

The Australian Government has committed to an Australian Universities Accord to drive lasting and transformative reform in Australia’s higher education system. The Accord Interim Report, released on 19 July 2023, outlines a vision for the future of Australia’s higher education system and contains five recommendations for priority action.

Priority Action 2 is the removal of the pass rate requirements, which applied for independent higher education providers from 1 January 2018, and for public universities from 1 January 2022 and required students to pass 50 per cent of their units of study in their course to maintain access to Commonwealth assistance. 

Stakeholders are now invited to consider the Government’s proposed policy approach to the Guidelines, as set out in the ‘Support for students policy’ consultation paper, and to identify any practical issues associated with implementation.

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