National Assessment Program

The National Assessment Program includes all domestic and international assessments that Australian education ministers have agreed will be administered to students to track our performance in key learning areas such as literacy and numeracy.

What is the National Assessment Program?

The National Assessment Program (NAP) includes all domestic and international assessments that the Australian Government and state and territory education ministers have agreed Australian students should sit. This includes both domestic and international assessments:

Domestic assessments:

International assessments:

The Australian Government is also working with the states and territories and the non-government sector on a range of online assessments.

Why do Australian schools participate in the National Assessment Program?

The NAP is a major component of the Measurement Framework for Schooling in Australia 2015.

The NAP provides student performance data, which helps governments assess how Australian students are performing compared to their international peers, and identifies where improvements are needed.  Both international and national assessments provide a health check on Australia's education system.

Who manages the National Assessment Program?

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) develops and delivers NAPLAN and the three NAP sample assessments, in collaboration with Test Administration Authorities in states and territories. ACARA is an independent statutory authority working to improve the learning of all young Australians through world-class school curriculum, assessment and reporting. ACARA collects, analyses and reports statistical information about schooling, and guides the use of data measuring schooling performance in Australia.

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training manages the international NAP sample assessments on behalf of all states and territories, including contracting a National Project Manager or National Research Coordinator to implement each international assessment in Australian schools.


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