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This resource is for parents and caregivers of students. It will help you to support your child through times of change in education.

Milestones and transitions - English workbook


An Auslan interpretation of the introduction of the 'Milestones and Transitions' resource.

About this resource

Chapter Timestamp
QR Code 2:11
Using this resource 2:36
What the DSE say 5:14
Transition tips 7:15
Skillset and mindset 10:20

An Auslan interpretation of the 'Key Transitions' section from the 'Milestones and Transitions' resource.

Key Transitions

Chapter Timestamp
Transition to Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) 1:17
ECEC to Primary School Transition 5:34
Primary to Secondary School Transitions 10:42
Early to Late Secondary School Transition 16:10
Late Secondary to Post-Secondary Transition 22:54
Year-to-Year Transitions 29:53
Getting your rights: Questions to think about and ask 33:55

An Auslan interpretation of the 'Pathways and options' section from the 'Milestones and Transitions' resource.

Pathways and options

Chapter Timestamp
Pathways and options 0:08
Early childhood education & care (ECEC) 1:00
Government and non-government schools 1:30
Further education 3:19
Making decisions 4:22
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