When to contact the Child Care Management System Helpdesk

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Contact your child care software provider or internet provider if you are:

  • unsure how to report or retrieve enrolment or attendance information using your child care software
  • unable to send information to the Department of Education and Training online because of a problem with your software or internet connection. You should do this before you call the CCMS Helpdesk.

Contact the CCMS Helpdesk if you:

  • have a query relating to an amount paid to your service
  • are unable to submit information to the department online because of circumstances such as a power outage or damage to phone or broadband cables
  • have a query relating to the 18 per cent limit for Special Child Care Benefit (SCCB)
  • have a query relating to SCCB where the service is making itself eligible for SCCB for a child at risk
  • are unable to pass on an amount of fee reductions because a family has left your service
  • have a query regarding a debt or repayment arrangement.

To contact the CCMS Helpdesk phone 1300 667 276 or email: ccmshelpdesk@education.gov.au.

Currently Helpdesk operators are available from 9.00am-5.30pm AEST Monday to Friday.

The Department of Education and Training Child Care Helpdesk will be opened for extended hours to support child care providers and services. Until further notice the Helpdesk opening hours are from 8:00am to 5:30pm (AEST), Monday to Friday.

The CCMS Helpdesk facsimile number is 1300 663 429.

Contact the Department of Education and Training office in your state or territory if:

  • you are a new service
  • your service is affected by a period of local emergency
  • you meet the criteria for a service exemption from the 24-hour limit because you are in a rural or remote area.

To contact your state or territory office, phone 1300 566 046, and ask for the Department of Education and Training office in your state or territory.

Contact the Special Child Care Assessment Team at the Department of Human Services if you have a query relating to:

  • a period of care prior to your service's transfer to the CCMS
  • SCCB applications more than 13 weeks
  • 24-hour care periods

To contact the Department of Human Services Special Child Care Assessment Team please phone 1800 050 021 or facsimile 1800 700 533.

Further information

General questions on the CCMS can be directed to the following addresses at any time - by email to ccmshelpdesk@education.gov.au