What is the system weighted average for 2019 measure?


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On 20 September 2018 the Australian Government announced its response to and acceptance of all the recommendations of the National School Resourcing Board's Review of the socio-economic status score. This included a new method for calculating school funding, making the education system fairer and more equitable. 

Commonwealth funding for non-government schools will be linked to a direct income measure from 2020 using improved data collection and analysis of parental income that will ensure non-government school funding is targeted at the students who need it most.

In the interim, the Government will provide approximately $170.8 million in additional funding for 2019 for non-government schools. This support builds on similar provisions in 2018, allowing schools to plan with confidence for the 2019 school year while work is underway to test and refine the direct income measure and settle the new arrangements.

What support is being offered in 2019?

The interim support measures are:

What is the additional financial assistance for the system weighted average (SWA) SES schools measure?

Commonwealth funding is based on the Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) that provides a base amount per student and additional funding through loadings for disadvantage. For most non-government schools, the base amount is discounted by the anticipated capacity of a school community to financially contribute towards the school's operating costs which is currently based on the socio-economic status (SES) score of the school.

Under the Australian Education Act 2013 (the Act) this calculation is made for each individual school. Up to 2017, schools in some systems attracted funding based on the average SES score for the whole system rather than that of the individual school (i.e. based on the SWA SES score).

Under this measure, the Government will provide additional funding of approximately $82.7 million, equivalent to applying a SWA SES score in 2019. This measure is similar to the additional financial assistance for SWA SES schools for 2018 measure.

Eligibility for this measure automatically applies to all non-government systems (both Catholic and independent), expanding on the eligibility of the 2018 measure, which was only available to systems that had a SWA SES score determined in 2017. Funding under this measure will be automatically calculated and paid to eligible systems, with the first instalment of these payments expected in March 2019.

How are the SWA SES scores applied to schools in systems?

This measure applies a SWA using either 2011 Census data or 2016 Census data, whichever is more beneficial, for the whole system.

The table below shows the SWA SES scores for each system are using both 2011 and 2016 Census data.

The value of this measure is calculated based on the benefit of using the system weighted average SES for the SRS calculation as well as its impact on the transition path of the school or system.

Do schools need to apply for this funding?

No. Schools and approved authorities do not need to apply to receive the additional funding for any of the 2019 interim support measures. The department will automatically calculate the additional funding amounts for eligible non-government schools.

For more information about interim support as schools transition to the direct income measure, see the below fact sheets:

System weighted average SES scores for systems

System Name System Weighted Average SES score based on 2011 Census and 2017 Full-Time Equivalent enrolments System Weighted Average SES score based on 2016 Census and 2017 Full-Time Equivalent enrolments
Victorian Catholic Schools System 101 101
Queensland Catholic Education Commission 101 101
Catholic Education South Australia Schools System 98 98
Catholic Education Western Australia Schools System 103 102
Tasmanian Catholic Education Office 95 94
Catholic Education Northern Territory Schools System 102 103
Catholic Education Office ACT Schools System 116 115
South Australian Lutheran Schools System 99 99
Seventh Day Adventist Greater Sydney Schools System 104 105
Seventh Day Adventist South NSW Schools System 97 96
Seventh Day Adventist North NSW Schools System 97 97
Adventist Schools Victoria System 97 98
Seventh Day Adventist Northern Australian Schools System 93 92
Seventh Day Adventist South QLD Schools System 97 98
Seventh Day Adventist SA Schools System 94 92
Adventist Christian Schools Western Australia System 98 99
Western Australian Anglican Schools Commission 101 100
Swan Christian Education Association 100 99
Queensland Lutheran Schools System 102 102
Lutheran Education South Eastern Region Schools System 100 100
Northern Territory Christian Schools System 102 103
Victorian Ecumenical System of Schools 101 102
South Australian Anglican Schools System 93 92
Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation 105 106
Anglican Schools Queensland System 105 105
Catholic Schools NSW Limited 101 101