What is parent engagement?

Parent engagement in education is about parents and carers being positively involved in their child’s learning, their school community and their child’s sport and social life.

Parents and families play an important role in supporting their child’s education. The earlier parents and families become engaged, the better it is for their children.

Parent engagement is more than being involved and informed about school activities. It is actively engaging with your child’s learning, both in the home and at school. When schools and families work together, children do better and stay in school longer.

Parent engagement in learning can help children to do better at school, be more engaged with their school work, go to school more regularly, behave better and have better social skills. For this reason ‘Engaging parents in education’ was one of the four pillars of the Australian Government’s Students First approach for quality school education. At the 2016 Budget, the government released a new policy paper, Quality Schools, Quality Outcomes. This paper expresses a continuing commitment to ensuring parents are positively and actively involved in their children’s education.