What is the Choice and Affordability Fund?

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On 20 September 2018, the Government announced the establishment of a Choice and Affordability Fund to support non-government schools. The Choice and Affordability Fund provides a flexible means of driving government priorities including supporting parental choice and affordability, supporting schools during the transition and strengthening educational outcomes in schools.

The Fund will commence in 2020 with an estimated $1.2 billion to be provided to the non‑government sector over 10 years to 2029.

How will the Fund work?

Funding will be provided to the non-government schools sector under the Australian Education Act 2013. Further details on funding arrangements are to be determined in consultation with the sector.

What will the Fund be used for?

The Fund will supplement Commonwealth recurrent funding to support parental choice and affordability of schools as well as other government priorities such as assisting schools in regional and remote areas and in drought affected areas, providing structural adjustment assistance, assisting schools during the transition, enhancing student wellbeing and support initiatives, and  lifting outcomes in underperforming schools. The fund can be used flexibly over the 10 years to maximise its impact on these priorities.

For further information

Further information will be made available on the department's website once arrangements have been determined.

For updates, continue to visit www.education.gov.au.