Get practical skills for work: Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is practical learning you can do to get skills and knowledge for work.

You can get a nationally recognised certificate or qualification when you finish a VET course.

You will learn skills you can use at your job.

Who can apply

For some VET courses anyone can apply. Some need you to have finished Year 12.

You might need to submit a portfolio or take an interview.

What you can apply for depends on what you want to study and the provider you choose to study with.

To find out what courses you can study, contact your training provider.

What you can get

You can learn skills you will use at work and get a certificate or qualification.

You can use these skills in a large number of jobs and industries including:

  • trades
  • office work
  • retail
  • technology
  • hospitality.

You can use your qualification to get a job across Australia, as long as you meet the license or registration needs of your state or territory.

Certificate I to IV

Skills and training relating to the type of work you want to do.


Business, professional or higher-level skills relating to the type of work you want to do.

Advanced diploma

High-level practical skills for advanced work such as accounting, design or engineering.

Graduate certificate or graduate diploma

High-level skills and knowledge in areas such as business, education and technology.

Where you can train or study

You can do a VET course at a registered training organisation (RTO).

Read more about how to find a local training course or provider.

Find out more about VET

Find out more about VET.

Updated 25 June 2018


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