Find out how much you owe: VET loans

You can get information about your VET debt online or by phone.

You can get information about VET Student Loans, VET FEE-HELP and other HELP loans.

This information might not be up to date — it takes time for it to move between your provider and the government.

Your provider can give you up-to-date details about your debt for each study period.


You can find out how much you owe in VET debt by using the myGov service.

You can see details including your total debt and repayments you have made.

To check your VET debt on myGov follow these steps.

Step 1. Go to myGov

Sign in to myGov or create a myGov account.

Step 2. Link your account

You will need to link the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). If your account is already linked go to Step 3.

To link your account, go to the Services tab. Under Link a service choose the ATO service and follow the steps.

Step 3. Select the ATO service

From your myGov Home tab, choose the ATO under Your services.

Step 4. Get your debt information

Your debt is listed on this page under Loan accounts. How much you owe is listed under Balance.

To get more detail, select your loan. It will be listed under Description.

You can see how much you:

  • owe
  • have paid off
  • have been charged in indexation.

You can download a copy of these details.

Read more about interest, indexation and how repayments are made: VET loans.

By phone

You can call the ATO Personal Info Line on 13 28 61 to find out the balance of your VET and other HELP debts.

Be sure to have your tax file number handy when you call.

Get loan details for each study period

For each study period your education provider will send you notices with information about your enrolment and loans.

These are called the VET Student Loans fee notice and the Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN).

Some providers send the CAN electronically, called an eCAN.

For that study period the notices will show:

  • the units you are studying
  • how much debt each unit will add to your HELP loan
  • any upfront payments.

When the notices are sent

VET Student Loans fee notices are sent before the deadline to sort out your enrolment and fees, called the census day.

The census day can be different for each education provider.

CANs are sent after the census day.

Where your notices are sent

When you enrol in your course, your provider will ask whether you want notices sent to your email or postal address.

Your notices will be sent where you nominated when you enrolled.

It is your responsibility to update your contact details with your provider and check your mail regularly.

If you don’t agree with information on your CAN

If you think there is an error or don’t agree with information on your CAN, you should write to your education provider.

You must do this within 14 days of the date of issue on your CAN.

Get a copy of your fee notice or CAN

To get a copy of your notices, contact your education provider.

If you want further detail about your debt

You can get extra information about your debt online at myUniAssist. You can find out:

  • how much you have borrowed for each unit of study at each provider you have studied with
  • the census date for each unit you’ve studied
  • the total you have borrowed for each provider.

You will need your Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN).

You can get information about your VET and HELP loans going back to 2005.

If you want information from before 2005 you will need to contact your provider.


To get further information about your debt sign in to myUniAssist.

Once you’ve signed in you will see a Summary of what you’ve borrowed.

This will list the total you have borrowed for FEE-HELP. It includes the amount you have borrowed for VET Student Loans and VET FEE-HELP.

You can see how much you have borrowed in HECS-HELP loans under Commonwealth supported units.

Under FEE-HELP assisted units you can see how much you have:

  • borrowed for each unit of study
  • borrowed for each course
  • been charged in loan fees
  • borrowed toward the lifetime FEE-HELP limit.

Total amounts don’t include indexation or your repayments.

If you’ve forgotten your CHESSN

Your CHESSN is on your Commonwealth assistance notice (CAN).

You can get your CHESSN or a copy of your CAN from your education provider.

If you have more than one CHESSN

You’ll need to combine your CHESSNs.

Email and ask for your CHESSNs to be combined.

Updated 26 June 2018


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