Upholding Quality - Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching


The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) are a suite of surveys for higher education that cover the student life cycle from commencement to employment.

The QILT website (www.qilt.edu.au) captures survey data results in an accessible web-based format, results are comparable in both table and chart format.

As part of the 2016-17 Budget, the Government announced an additional $8.1 million to enhance the QILT website to provide better information to students.

The website supports the quality of learning and teaching in Australian higher education and ensures students have access to transparent and comparable information. The website helps students and their families make informed choices about their higher education study options by bringing together survey data from all Australian higher education institutions about student’s experiences and graduate job outcomes.

With a few simple clicks, users can search for study areas and institutions of interest to them, and do side by side comparisons, including:

  • quality of the overall educational experience of current students
  • overall satisfaction of recent graduates
  • outcomes of students moving into full-time employment after graduation, and
  • the median salary received by recent graduates.

Results from the Graduate Outcomes Survey - Longitudinal and the Employer Satisfaction Survey are also published on the QILT website.


In 2014-15, the Australian Government announced the Upholding Quality – Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching budget measure.

The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching was established based on recommendations for the Development of Performance Measurements by the Advancing Quality in Higher Education Reference Group, chaired by Professor Ian O’Connor, Vice-Chancellor Griffith University. The report is available: Development of Performance Measures - Report of the Advancing Quality in Higher Education Reference Group

The Government established a Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching Working Group, to provide advice to the department on implementing the suite of surveys. The Working Group comprises representation from university executive staff, planning and management officials in universities, non-university higher education institutions, and business. It is chaired by Professor Andrew Vann, Vice-Chancellor of Charles Sturt University. Other members of the Working Group include:

  • Professor Richard James, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Undergraduate) and Deputy Provost of the University of Melbourne
  • Dr Michael Evans, Vice President Academic of Kaplan International Australia
  • Mr Bill Hamill, Chief Executive Officer of Rural Industries Skill Training
  • Ms Sue Mikilewicz, Director of Business Intelligence and Planning at the University of South Australia
  • Ms Kristy Merrick, Senior Policy Advisor at the Business Council of Australia (BCA), and
  • Ms Jenny Lambert, Director of Employment, Education and Training at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).

The Working Group advises the department on the implementation of the suite of surveys, and the approach to lower the survey and reporting burden on providers and students, improve incentives for providers to focus on quality teaching, and enable Australia to internationally benchmark performance.

The Quality of Learning and Teaching is administered by the Social Research Centre (SRC) under contract to the Department of Education and Training. This contract was awarded to SRC following a competitive tender process. The Social Research Centre is responsible for all aspects of survey administration, including selecting and contacting the students and graduates to be included in the surveys, as well as publishing results on the QILT website.

For more information please contact qilt@srcentre.com.au