Setting up for the child care package


Australia has a new child care package providing more support for families. The package includes the new Child Care Subsidy payment which replaced both the Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Rebate payments.

A new child care IT system, the Child Care Subsidy System (CCSS) provides a new interface for child care providers and services.

As a child care provider, you must have completed your transition to the CCSS to receive Child Care Subsidy payments on behalf of families.

Child Care provide entry pointThe Provider Entry Point is an online interface that child care providers will use to manage their child care service approvals and interact with the CCSS.

Providers will not be able to receive CCS payments after 2 July 2018 if they have not completed all of the transition steps.

Transition Steps

The information on this web page sets out everything you need to do to complete your transition. You might also find it useful to download and print the CCS Readiness Fact Sheet for Providers that gives extra detail about the transition steps.

What do I need to do?

Step 1 – You must have completed your online transition form 

If you have not completed your online Transition Form please email:

Step 2 – Set up your child care softwareStep 2 – Set up your child care software

If you are using child care software, your software provider will be able to assist you in activating and setting up your child care software product. You will then be able to use your software product to complete the final steps in your transition.

Step 3 – Update provider/service details, check or create enrolments and link personnel

If you are using child care software, your software provider will be able to assist you in completing these final steps. If you are not using child care software, you can complete these tasks directly on the Provider Entry Point. Task Cards with step by step instructions for completing each of these tasks on the PEP are published below.

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What is PRODA?

PRODA (Provider Digital Access) is an online authentication system used to securely access government business services. PRODA is hosted by the Department of Human Services and is the mechanism to authenticate individuals associated with child care providers and services.

The PRODA registration process requires personnel to create a unique username and password.  As part of the registration, individuals are required to provide details of identity documents such as a passport, driver’s licence or Medicare card to verify their identity in the system. This authentication of personnel supports the integrity of the new child care package and strengthens compliance in the child care and early learning sector to ensure public funds are spent properly and accountably.

Once registered in PRODA, individuals will have a PRODA username and password and these credentials will be needed to log on to the PEP. Every individual registered in PRODA will receive a Registration Authority (RA) number which they will need to keep secure so that it can be used to link them to child care services and providers.

Which personnel need to register in PRODA?

Under the requirements of the new child care package certain persons in specified roles must be fit and proper persons to be involved in the administration of Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy. Even if a person in a specified role does not require access to the Child Care Subsidy System, they are still required to be identified as a fit and proper person and will therefore need to be registered in PRODA. This includes for example, all members of a management board, or committee and company directors.

Every individual associated with the provider that has one of the following roles:

  • Persons with Management or Control of the Provider;
  • Persons Responsible for the Day-to-Day Operation of the Service;
  • Service Contacts;
  • Family Day Care and In-Home Care Educators

is required to register in PRODA (Provider Digital Access).

Download the Personnel Roles Fact Sheet for more information about these new personnel roles.

After completing PRODA registration, individuals will have received a Registration Authority (RA) number. Upon successful completion of the Transition Form, the Person with Management or Control of the Provider is able to link personnel to the provider and service, including FDC and IHC educators, using their unique RA numbers via either the child care software or the Provider Entry Point (PEP).

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What should I know about my families’ transition to CCS?

Families currently in receipt of CCB and/or CCR for approved care will have received a notification from Centrelink in April 2018 asking them to go online and complete a Child Care Subsidy assessment or apply for Child Care Subsidy with Centrelink. They should do this as soon as possible and we would appreciate you encouraging your families to follow the instructions they receive from Centrelink.

From 2 July 2018, Child Care Subsidy will be paid to provider/s on behalf of families who have been assessed as eligible and entitled. 

Download the Family Transition Fast Facts and the Family Transition Timeline to help you as a provider understand the actions required of families to transition to the new child care package.

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I need help with my transition process

If you are experiencing difficulty with PRODA registration, please contact the PRODA Helpdesk on 1800 700 199 and select option 1 or email

If you are experiencing difficulty with the online Transition Form or need information about the steps in your transition, please contact the CCMS Helpdesk on 1300 667 276 or email

If you are experiencing difficulty in activating a child care software product or updating any of your details in your software, you may need to seek assistance from your child care software provider.

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Useful Transition Information and Resources

Click on the following links to download Fact Sheets or Task Cards:

Transition Fact Sheets

Transition Task Cards

Our Helpdesk

If you would like more information or assistance, please telephone the CCS Helpdesk on 1300 667 276 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (Australian Eastern Standard Time).