Transition to-do list


On this page, you will find detailed information and instructions about the things you as a provider must do to smoothly transition to the new child care system.

As the transition process progresses, we will keep you informed about what you need to do and how and when it should be done.

Each time we ask you to undertake a certain task, the information will be added to this page and each request will be dated so you can be confident you have current information.

27 March 2018:  We’re sending you a letter – you’ll need to sign for it

During April, every CCB provider will receive a letter from the department explaining what they need to do to transition all of their services to CCS. The letter contains important information needed to access the online Transition Form.

The letter we are about to send is being mailed to the postal address listed on the provider’s record in the CCMS.  The person receiving the letter must sign to confirm its delivery.  If no one is available to sign for the letter, Australia Post may leave a card at the postal address advising that the letter can be collected from the local post office.

It’s important to note that this letter has been sent to providers, not services.  The provider is the legal entity who owns or operates the child care service.

If you are a provider and you do not receive your letter by the end of April 2018, you should immediately contact the CCMS Helpdesk on 1300 667 276.

Once you receive your letter, you will need to carefully follow the instructions in the ‘How to Complete the Child Care Subsidy online Transition Form’ task card enclosed with the letter. This explains everything you need to do to receive your new CCS approval numbers so that you and your services can be transitioned to the CCSS. 

21 February 2018: Have you and your personnel completed PRODA registration?

In January, we sent an email to all Child Care Benefit (CCB) services asking that providers and their key personnel register on PRODA. Registration of child care personnel will strengthen the integrity of the child care system and allow relevant staff to interact with the new Child Care Subsidy System. Once individuals complete their registration they will receive a Registration Authority (or RA) number.  It is very important that this number is kept secure as it is will be needed to complete the CCS transition process. Your service will not be able to transition unless key staff have completed their PRODA registration.

3 November 2017: Start planning for registration

Quite soon, we will email providers to ask that individual child care personnel within their organisation complete the online registration process by registering for a PRODA account. You can prepare for this step by learning more about the new personnel roles and considering which individuals should undertake these roles at your child care service/s.  The registration process will require individuals to provide identification documents (such as birth certificates, passports and Medicare cards) and getting those documents organised now may avoid delays at the time of registration.

For more information about the new personnel roles, please download our Personnel Fact sheet

20 October 2017: Have you received a letter from the department asking you to check and update your Child Care Management System (CCMS) details?

By now, each child care provider should have received a letter from the department setting out information from their existing Child Care Benefit (CCB) approved services and asking that they check their details for accuracy and update the information if it was incorrect. The letter was mailed to the provider’s postal address currently listed on the department’s system. It is important that information about your child care services is correctly recorded in the current system to avoid delays when your service/s transition to the new child care IT system next year. Updates to your provider or service information should be completed by 24 November 2017.

30 August 2017: Are Your Child Care Management System (CCMS) Details Up–to–date?

Alignment of Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Approval with National Law Approval will occur as part of the transition process to the new child care system. You can begin to prepare for this by ensuring that your CCB approval details are up–to–date in the CCMS.

  • Update your service contact and operational details using your third party software product. If you're unsure how to do this using your software, you should seek help from your software provider or check the user manual.
  • Bank account details and financial email contacts can only be updated by the department. If these details need to be changed, you should notify the department using the CCB Payments - Update CCMSFinancial Details Form.
  • You must notify the department about a change of service ownership or a change to your service's entity as a result of a business restructure or sale, using the Notification of Closure/Change of Ownership Form. This is because a change of ownership or a change in entity will require a separate approval for the new owner or entity.

Need help?

You can contact the CCMS Helpdesk on 1300 667 276 between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) if you would like more assistance