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New South Wales

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Higher Education

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Director of Government Relations

Elevating the profession

The actions proposed recognise the value teachers bring to students, communities and the economy.

Somewhat agree

Would you like to provide feedback about these actions?

Alphacrucis University College suggests that any national campaign should include advertising new pathways for teacher training created by this action plan. AC has had significant success in regional teacher recruitment when potential students hear they don't have to leave their communities. Models (such as the Clinical Teaching Hubs) that allow students to be clinically trained to be a teacher while being paid as a teaching assistant and remaining in their own community will transform aspiring teachers' conception of the cost and benefit of becoming a teacher.

Teaching needs to be promoted as a profession that requires a high level of skill and expertise in a subject area and teaching practice. We recommend that Australian Teacher of the Year award should therefore include categories in entrepreneurship, dual-sector (VET in School) teachers, Community-engaged teachers, and new innovative training models.

Improving teacher supply

The actions proposed will be effective in increasing the number of students entering ITE, number of students completing ITE and the number of teachers staying in and/or returning to the profession.

Strongly agree

Would you like to provide feedback about these actions?

More teaching places at universities will provide limited benefit as the teacher training problem is structural. CSP’s should be redistributed according to the success and effectiveness of teacher training across higher education providers.

In particular, permanent additional CSP’s (at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level) should be provided for University Colleges as a matter of immediate priority. There is an ongoing inequality to be addressed where ITE students in regional and rural areas (including Indigenous students) who are being clinically-trained in their communities are paying full-fee for their early childhood, primary and secondary education degrees.

Focused data collection should include the Alphacrucis Clinical Teaching Hub model which is now in over 100 schools and already demonstrates strong mentoring, school-based support and pathways into teaching, a 95% retention rate, and an average student ATAR of 85.

A proportion of the 465,000 TAFE places should remain under federal provision and be open to applications from Catholic and Independent dual-sector providers who are demonstrating effective early childhood training through VETiS and training hubs.

The five thousand $40,000 bursaries should be made available to University Colleges. In addition, the bursaries should also be aimed at encouraging students who are already partnered with schools (e.g. teaching assistants) to train as a teacher. These bursaries should also be linked to a commitment of a teaching period in schools for return on investment.

The high achieving teachers program should include supporting successful clinically teaching models that attract high achieving students.

The visa processing for qualified teachers should also include visa recognition for migrants who with then do their practical elements in Australian schools.

The Alphacrucis Clinical Hub Model is not mentioned in regards to ‘trailing new ways of attracting and teaching in the schools’ despite being the most successful clinical teacher training model over the last 5 years. The Independent Schools NSW model is mentioned instead however, a mimic model which has yet to enroll a single student.

Strengthening Initial Teacher Education (ITE)

The actions proposed will ensure initial teacher education supports teacher supply and quality.

Strongly agree

Would you like to provide feedback about these actions?

Indigenous-specific Clinical Teaching hubs should be piloted in regions with high Indigenous populations. A 23-24 budget proposal is currently being developed by Alphacrucis University College in partnership with the 2020 school of the year - The Guwara school.

AC support the availability of the LANTITE assessments being available to ITE students prior to enrolment and students completing this as soon as possible within their study program so that support can be provided.

Maximising the time to teach

The actions proposed will improve retention and free up teachers to focus on teaching and collaboration.

Would you like to provide feedback about these actions?

Better understanding future teacher workforce needs

How effective are the proposed actions in better understanding future teacher workforce needs, including the number of teachers required?

Slightly effective

Would you like to provide feedback about these actions?

AC supports the prioritising of conditional registration but suggest that clear guidelines are provided to schools around this so that students can still prioritise their studies while teaching. AC is adjusting their programs to accommodate conditional accreditation.

Better career pathways to support and retain teachers in the profession

The proposed actions will improve career pathways, including through streamlining the process for Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) accreditation, and providing better professional support for teachers to retain them in the profession.

Somewhat agree

Would you like to provide feedback about these actions?

Given that career change is common across professions we would recommend that career pathways are developed that provide different experiences for teachers but that still keep them engaged with the profession.