Support to operate a service


How to operate a child care service and how to improve services for children and their families.

Service requirements

Keeping business details up to date

It is a requirement that all Child Care Benefit (CCB) approved services notify the Department of Education and Training of changes to their service using the notifiable events forms on the Notifiable Events page.

Maintaining attendance records

Under the Family Assistance Law, child care services are required to keep all records of attendance for at least 3 years from the end of the calendar year in which the relevant care was provided. These records must be kept even if the child care service is closed or sold.

Please note that state and territory regulations differ and may have additional requirements.

Family statements

Family statements provide clear information to parents about the care provided by the child care service including charges for care and the amount of Child Care Benefit (CCB) received. Services must provide family statements to all individuals receiving CCB as child care fee assistance. Statements must be issued at least every 3 months.

Child Care Service Handbook

The Child Care Service Handbook provides guidance to Child Care Benefit approved child care services about their obligations under the Family Assistance Law.

Jobs, Education & Training Child Care Fee Assistance

JETCCFA provides extra help with the cost of Child Care Benefit approved child care to support parents on income support payments while they undertake work study or training to enable them to enter or return to the workforce.

Child Care Payments Compliance program

The Child Care Payments Compliance Program aims to encourage, strengthen and enforce compliance in the child care sector.

Understanding your legal obligations

Instruction sheets and other documents are available in this page for child care services to help understand and meet legal obligations.

Priority of access

Sometimes there may be a waiting list for child care services. To ensure the system is fair 'Priority of Access Guidelines' need to be followed.

Service Special Child Care Benefit

Service Special Child Care Benefit (Service SCCB) is available for a child who is at serious risk of abuse or neglect or the family is suffering temporary financial hardship. Service SCCB can be used even if the family is not eligible for Child Care Benefit or has not yet been assessed for eligibility.

Further information

The following resources are available to help child care services to comply with their obligations: