Student Data


The Higher Education student data collection encompasses enrolments, equivalent full-time student load (unit of study data) and completions, and includes all Higher Education Institutions that have been approved under the Higher Education Support Act 2003

Scheduled yearly release dates for student data:

  • Student full year data are scheduled to be released from 30 June
  • Student half year data are scheduled to be released from 30 November

Data reported from the student collection include:

  • Course information including level, field of education and special course flag;
  • Age (date of birth);
  • Gender;
  • Citizenship;
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander indicator;
  • Location of term residence;
  • Location of permanent home residence;
  • Basis for admission to course;
  • Type of attendance (full-time / part-time);
  • Mode of attendance (internal, external, multi-modal);
  • Country of birth;
  • Language spoken at home;
  • Year of arrival in Australia;
  • Language spoken at home;
  • Tertiary entrance score;
  • Equity data (Disability, Low-SES, NESB, Women in non-traditional areas, Regional/Remote);
  • Highest educational attainment prior to commencement; and
  • Award course completions

Further details on student data elements reported by Higher Education Institutions are published on HEIMSHELP.

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