Service Special Child Care Benefit

Service Special Child Care Benefit (Service SCCB) is available for a child who is at serious risk of abuse or neglect or the family is suffering temporary financial hardship. Service SCCB can be used even if the family is not eligible for Child Care Benefit (CCB) or has not yet been assessed for eligibility.

If staff at a child care service become aware of a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect, and they believe the child will benefit from more hours in child care, they can complete the Service SCCB application form and email it to the CCMS Helpdesk.

They can only do this for up to 13 weeks in a year for any particular child.

The maximum SCCB a child care service can approve itself is equal to 18 per cent of the total CCB paid to the service in the quarter before last. If the maximum SCCB that a service can approve has been reached and the service has more children it believes would be eligible, they should apply directly to for approval for each child.

Or, they can contact the CCMS Helpdesk and apply for an increase in their 18 per cent limit.

Customer Reference Numbers (CRNs) are not required to create this enrolment type.

Further information

Refer to the Child Care Service Handbook (Chapter 14.4) for more information or contact the CCS Helpdesk for advice.