School to Work Transitions

There is a clear link between getting a year 12 certificate (or equivalent qualification) and improved social and economic outcomes for all young people. The Australian Government recognises the importance of education and training and is encouraging young people to complete school and successfully transition to further education, training or work.

Young people who complete school and get their Year 12 certificate (or equivalent vocational qualification) are more likely to complete further study or training, get a job, have significantly higher wages and are better placed to tackle future challenges.

The Australian Government is working with state and territory governments to bring schools, business and families together to support young people to stay connected with education and training, and create a productive, skilled and knowledgeable future workforce.

There are several Australian Government initiatives that have contributed to increased participation in education and training by young people including:

  • Vocational Pathways for secondary students, which includes Vocational Learning and Vocational Education and Training, helps to prepare students for further training or work.
  • Quality Teaching programmes support strong school leadership and improve the quality of teachers which has a positive impact on student engagement, school completion and achievement levels.
  • The Indigenous Youth Leadership Program provides scholarships to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to attend high performing secondary schools or universities and promote leadership development opportunities.
  • The Indigenous Youth Mobility Program helps young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people move to a new location in order to gain the skills they need to make successful post school transitions and to get a job in their community or elsewhere.

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