Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships


The Australian Government has proposed to introduce new scholarships as part of its policy package to improve access to educational opportunities for regional students. Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships will support 1200 regional and remote students to undertake STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) studies. The scholarships will be for vocational education, undergraduate and postgraduate students (Certificate IV to PhD) and valued at up to $18,000 each.

These scholarships will support flexible study, including part-time and online students and they may include an internship to help students develop their professional experience.

Scholarship recipients will be selected on the basis of need and merit. The program will support the participation of women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in STEM by prioritising them through the scholarship selection process.

The Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships will improve educational attainment, skills development, and employment opportunities for regional and remote students. Through studying STEM, scholarship recipients will obtain important occupational skills, as well as strengthening their foundational literacies, socio-emotional skills and higher-order cognitive skills. They will be better equipped to adapt to the changing nature of work in a technologically advanced economy.

Scholarship applications will open in the second half of 2017. Scholarship application round opening and closing dates, and instructions for applying, will be published on the department’s website.