Self-Assessed Australian Competitive Grant Income

The department has been progressively rolling out a package of reforms to streamline the Research Block Grants (RBG).

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As part of these reforms the department has implemented a self-assessment system for universities to determine which of their R&D income can be classified as Category 1 – Australian Competitive Grant Income, starting from the Higher Education Research Data Collection for 2018 data. The method to self-assess is included in the HERDC Specifications for 2020 R&D income data and all annual specifications thereafter.

The Australian Competitive Grant Income HEPs receive can be reported in Category 1 of the Higher Education Research Data Collection and is a metric used to inform the allocation of the Australian Government's RBGs.

The Category 1 Self-Assessment – Frequently Asked Questions is designed to assist universities to self-assess their R&D income, in conjunction with the Higher Education Research Data Collection Specifications, to determine if it can be reported as Category 1.

ACGR Notes

The Australian Competitive Grants Register (ACGR) was a centralised register that listed schemes that provided competitive research grants to HEPs. The ACGR is no longer updated by the department.


Queries can be directed to, with "Category 1" in the subject line.