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A range of resources are available to support parent engagement in learning.


There is strong evidence that parent engagement is associated with significant improvements in academic achievement for students of all ages. Robust research also links it to the improvement of other outcomes including early literacy acquisition, school readiness, student attendance, motivation, self-regulatory behaviour, social skills, retention and graduation.

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Further information on parent engagement and partnerships in different contexts is available below. There is a range of materials including videos and case studies to draw on to support and inform parent engagement strategies in schools and communities.

Resources and links

Reference list

The Family-School Partnerships Framework materials are informed by research from a wide range of sources. For further information you can find a list of references and other supporting research.

Reference list

Case Studies - Our Stories

A series of Australian case studies has been developed to illustrate aspects of the revised Family-School Partnerships Framework.

These show how family-school and community partnerships can engage and impact students, their families and school communities.

Coodanup College, Western Australia

By actively engaging parents of Year 9 students in numeracy and literacy classes, Coodanup College empowered teachers and improved student literacy and learning behaviour.

Case study: Coodanup College

Glenroy College, Victoria

Glenroy College engaged a youth worker to build relationships with students, families and teachers, resulting in improved reading, numeracy and attendance for Year 7 students.

Case study: Glenroy College

Holy Cross College, New South Wales

By working with parents and students to enhance understanding of how boys learn, parents were more confident about supporting their children’s learning and wellbeing.

Case study: Holy Cross College

Killester College, Victoria

Year 7 students at Killester College achieved higher maths scores the more their parents attended special numeracy events and gained confidence about being engaged in their children’s learning.

Case study: Killester College

Longford Primary School, Tasmania

When Longford Primary School empowered parents of Prep students to increase their own skills, confidence and willingness to engage, their children showed improved literacy outcomes.

Case study: Longford Primary School

Pimlico State High School, Queensland

Working with parents of students attending literacy programs helped to improve student literacy outcomes as well as communication, attendance, and parent and student engagement.

Case study: Pimlico State High School

Sackville Street Public School, New South Wales

Sackville Street Public School increased parent engagement through initiatives ranging from physical display boards to social media and software apps—resulting in enhanced understanding and support for student outcomes.

Case study: Sackville Street Public School

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