Quality Teaching

Teacher effectiveness is critical to the future of young Australians and research shows that teachers have the greatest in-school influence on student engagement and achievement. The Australian Government recognises and appreciates the complex role of the teacher, and the significant responsibility they have in educating and preparing children to lead successful and productive lives.

The first step to achieving a quality education, which is so critical for the future of young Australians and our nation, is to lift the quality, professionalisation and status of the teaching profession.

The Government, through the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), is committed to raising the quality, value and status of the teaching profession by supporting the implementation of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the Australian Professional Standard for Principals.

AITSL works in close collaboration with the states and territories, non-government school sector, universities and other key stakeholders in supporting the teaching profession. The Government also recognise that states, territories and the non-government school sector are best placed to determine how policies should be implemented in their schools as they have day-to-day responsibility for the management of Australian schools.