Quality Schools, Quality Outcomes

High quality school education sets up our children for a life of success. The Australian Government is committed to striving for a high quality school system that assists each and every Australian child to reach their full potential so they can fully participate in the economic and social life of the community.

Schools Funding 2018 and beyond

A strong level of funding is important for our school system. This is why the Government will continue to grow its school funding from a record $16 billion this year to $20.1 billion by 2020. The Government has further committed to a new, simpler and fairer funding model that distributes this funding on the basis of need.

However, while funding is important, evidence shows that what you do with that funding matters more. Despite significant funding growth in the past decade, NAPLAN results and international rankings show that there have not been sufficient improvements in student outcomes.

Quality Schools, Quality Outcomes outlines the Government’s evidence-based approach to schools’ reform to improve learning outcomes for all Australian students – regardless of their school or background. It was released on 1 May 2016 by the Prime Minister, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP and the Minister for Education and Training, Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham.

The Government will be working with states, territories and non-government education authorities to focus on how to use the record levels of funding to improve the quality of education in our schools and lift student outcomes. Quality Schools, Quality Outcomes sets out evidence-based priority reforms to help support improved outcomes for our students and schools by focusing efforts towards the following five areas:

You can download and read the Australian Government’s report about Quality Schools, Quality Outcomes.