Provider content kit: changes to Child Care Subsidy

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is changing from July 2023. Use this kit to let families know about the changes.

On this page:

Who should use this kit 

This kit is for early childhood education and care providers and services. It contains materials to share with families at your service. 

When to use this kit 

CCS is changing from 10 July 2023. Please share the information in this kit with families in the lead up to July.  

Printable material 

Display and distribute these printable materials at your service. 

Changes to Child Care Subsidy poster 

Changes to Child Care Subsidy fact sheet 

Social media content 

Copy and share a post on your social media channels. 

Child Care Subsidy Social Media Tile

Download the social media tile

Post 1 

Child Care Subsidy is increasing from July. 

Use the CCS Calculator at to find out what your future rates may be. 

If you already get CCS, you don’t need to do anything to get the new rates. 

If you think you may become eligible from July, make a claim through myGov or the Centrelink App.  

Learn more on the Services Australia website.  


Post 2 

Most families will soon get more #ChildCareSubsidy. Use the CCS Calculator at to find out what your rates may be from 10 July.