Previous child care system for providers (prior to 2 July 2018)


Information on this page refers to the child care system that was in place prior to 2 July 2018.

Child Care Management System

The Child Care Management System (CCMS) was the national online computer system that administered Australian Government child care fee subsidies, including CCB, CCR and SCCB prior to 2 July 2018.

All approved child care services were required to operate under the system.

Child care services used third party provider software, which was registered with CCMS, to record child, enrolment and attendance information. They also used their software to upload this information to CCMS via the internet. The information allowed the Department of Education and Training to calculate the Child Care Benefit (CCB) fee reductions to be paid to the service on behalf of eligible families.

Closure of the CCMS from 30 September 2018

Cancellation of attendance records in previous financial years can cause a range of issues for both child care providers and individuals, including incurring debts. From July 2017, to ensure that only genuine amendments were made to the CCMS, providers were prevented from submitting and cancelling attendance records relating to previous financial years.

This restriction remains in effect under the new arrangements, however in recognition of the transition to the Child Care Subsidy System, providers were able to make amendments to session reports from last financial year until 30 September 2018. After this date, providers need to apply to the department to make changes, with approval only given in exceptional circumstances.

Please be aware that the department takes the integrity of child care fee assistance seriously and will be closely monitoring all cancellations and resubmissions to ensure these are compliant with the Family Assistance Law. Providers should familiarise themselves with the circumstances in which resubmissions are permissible. The department has strengthened regulatory powers to safeguard the integrity of child care fee assistance, and will take action against non-compliance when necessary.

After 30 September 2018, the department will not accept claims that a provider did not know or understand their obligations or responsibilities.