Pre - Beginner

At the Pre Beginner Level (Level 1), the student is unable to communicate in the English language. The student may have a very small bank of words and/or formulaic phrases such as “hello” and “good bye” and may also have little or no formal education and/or is non-literate (in their own language). 

Each topic below will have a Topic Plan, Tutor Notes, and Worksheets. Some tutorials may also include the use of Flash cards.

  • The Topic Plan is a resource used by the teacher / tutor for the AMEP. This document outlines the tasks, language requirements, learning activities and resource requirements for the tutor.
  • The Tutor Notes provide detailed instructions for the tutor on how to carry out each activity.
  • The Flash cards and Worksheets are to be used by the tutor and student during the tutorial session. .

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