Grants and Fellowships


Between 2012 and 2016, 320 grants and 55 fellowships were funded through the Promotion of Excellence in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education program. No new grants or fellowships will be awarded after 30 June 2016.

The Australian Government has announced a range of reforms to improve the higher education sector. These reforms will deliver a more sustainable sector, more choices for students and increase transparency and accountability in higher education. For more information visit the Higher Education Reform Package webpage.

Management of grants and fellowships will continue through the Department of Education and Training, Student Information and Learning Branch. Information on managing current projects or fellowships, reporting requirements and resources is located on the resources for grant and fellowship holders page.

Grants Programs (closed to new applicants)

The aim of the grants program is to provide funding for academics and professional staff to investigate, develop and implement innovations in learning and teaching.

Brief information on each grant type follows:

  • Innovation and Development Grants support research, development and innovation related to the enhancement of learning and teaching in higher education. Priority areas in 2016 include academic standards, designing learning for the future, the contemporary PhD, employability skills, and improving access and outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in higher education.
  • Seed Grants support pilot projects which test and evaluate an original idea, or stand alone, small-scale project which build the capacity of early career academics.
  • Extension Grants support the continued dissemination and embedding of completed learning and teaching projects funded by the OLT or its predecessor bodies.
  • Strategic Priority Commissioned Projects support the investigation of key issues that have  been identified as important in the Australian higher education system.  Priority areas in 2016 were academic integrity and good practice in assessment, personalised learning in massified higher education system and the future of the academic workforce

Innovation and Development and Seed Grants Funded by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching

Strategic Commissioned Projects Funded by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching

Fellowships (closed to new nominees)

The aim of the Fellowships program is to advance learning and teaching in higher education by supporting leading educators to undertake strategic, high-profile activities in areas of importance to the higher education sector.

Through their fellowship activities, Fellows have a positive and lasting influence and impact on higher education practice in Australia, see Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows Network

There are two types of Fellowships – National Senior Teaching Fellowships and National Teaching Fellowships. The fellowships are prestigious acknowledgements of individuals' expertise and influence and, as such, are highly valued by recipients' home institutions. Fellowships afford opportunities for individuals to undertake strategic programs of activities around identified educational issues, to develop their knowledge of the broader higher education environment in Australia, and to practise and further develop their leadership skills in this area. 

Fellows Funded by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching