Payments and grants

The Australian Government provides and reports upon a variety of financial assistance programs for schools.

The Government is providing additional funding of an estimated $270 million over 10 years to expand its capital investment in non-government schools. Non-government education authorities may be able to receive financial help from the Australian Government to improve school infrastructure through the Capital Grants Program (CGP). The CGP provides funding to assist non-government primary and secondary school communities to improve capital infrastructure where they otherwise may not have access to sufficient capital resources.

Special Circumstances Funding is also available help to eligible schools when unexpected circumstances or events cause severe and temporary financial difficulty.

For information on the Government’s plan for school funding and reform, visit our Quality Schools page and Quality Schools fact sheets.

For historic information, as required under the former Schools Assistance Act 2008, the department provided financial assistance reports detailing expenditure appropriated between 2009-2013.