Office for Youth

About the Office for Youth

In May 2022 the Australian Government committed to directly and formally engaging with young Australians. To do this, the Government will establish an Office for Youth. This will be a dedicated unit within government that will:

  • listen to young people and their advocates
  • improve and harmonise policy across government
  • develop a strategy to meaningfully engage with young people.

The Hon Dr Anne Aly MP is Minister for Youth and leads this work.

Youth Steering Committee

The Australian Government’s Youth Steering Committee will support the establishment of the Office for Youth.

The committee will co-design the new Youth Engagement Model and provide advice and feedback on government engagement with young people, including on policies and programs that matter most to them.

The Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) is supporting the committee. Fifteen members aged 12 to 25 have been selected to join the committee.

Applications opened on 12 September and closed on 5 October 2022.