Notification of changes to your child care services

It is important that the Department of Education and Training have up-to-date details of child care services. Because of this, services approved for Child Care Benefit (CCB) are required to tell the Department about certain changes to their operations as outlined in the Family Assistance Law. The changes which must be reported are known as 'Notifiable Events'.

Notifiable Events include changes to bank details, number of child care places offered, and key personnel. It also includes more serious issues like criminal charges against staff, change to your service's legal entity or the termination of a lease. The full list of Notifiable Events can be found in the Family Assistance Law and the A New Tax System (Family Assistance) (Administration) Act 1999.

Most changes can be notified through the child care service's CCMS software, but some changes require the completion of the appropriate Notifiable Events form (see below) which needs to be submitted to the Department.

Timeframes for Notifiable Events

The Department must be informed of certain changes and events within a specific number of days.

Notification within 7 days

Child care services must notify the Department if they become aware that a key personnel, staff member, FDC educator or IHC educator:

  • is charged with or found guilty of a serious indictable offence
  • becomes bankrupt
  • has their working with children check refused, amended or cancelled
  • is no longer suitable (or likely to not be suitable) to provide child care.

The operator must also notify the Department of the action taken or intended to be taken to deal with the situation.

Notification within 14 days

Child care services must notify the Department of:

  • any change to the details contained in the child care service's application for approval (other than the address of the service)
  • the location of the child care records after a service has closed and the location should the records be moved

Notification of at least 30 days

Child care services must notify the Department when:

  • a contract for the sale of the premises where the child care service is conducted is entered into
  • the lease of the premises is to be terminated
  • the address of the service is changed.

Notification of at least 42 days

Child care services must notify the Department:

  • if the child care service ceases operation.


Update financial details

Use the CCB Payments – Update CCMS Financial Details Form to report changes to:

  • the service's bank account which payments for CCB and other fee reduction payments are deposited into
  • the email address where all financial documentation (such as Remittance Advices) is sent.

Use the CSP Payments – Update CCMS Financial Details Form to report changes to:

  • the service's bank account to which payments for CSP and other funding grants are deposited
  • the email address to which all financial documentation (such as Remittance Advices) will be sent.

Update business details

Use the Update Service Operation Details Form to report :

  • changes to the service's name, location, operating hours, operating weeks per year, and number of places offered
  • changes in the management of the service
  • matters affecting (or likely to affect) the suitability of Key Personnel, staff members, Family Day Care educators and in-Home Care educators.

Use the Update Parent Organisation Details Form to report changes to:

  • the child care service's legal entity including the name, location and contact details for the entity. The legal entity is the organisation (sole trader, partnership, company or trust) that is the approved operator for CCB purposes).

Use the Notification of Closure, Sale or Transfer of Ownership or Management Form to report:

  • the child care service is closing, being sold or transferring ownership (including when administrators are appointed).

Further information

For more information on updating your service's details, please see the relevant CCMS fact sheets.

You can also find links to the relevant legislation on the Family Assistance Law page.

If you have further questions regarding Notifiable Events, please consult the Child Care Service Handbook or contact your local state or territory office on 1300 363 079.