Take the Quad Cyber Challenge

Quad Cyber Challenge

Governments, corporations, nonprofits, universities, and schools around the world are invited to take the Cyber Challenge.

How safe are your cyber practices?

Cybercrime and cyberattacks disrupt our daily lives and the critical services we rely on. Globally this costs trillions of dollars each year. More than ever, people in our community have been affected by cybercrime, so it is important to recognise the role we all need to play to keep ourselves and our devices safe, not only at work but in our personal lives.

To highlight this role, governments, corporations, non-profits, universities, schools, and individuals are invited to take the Quad Cyber Challenge.

The challenge encourages participants to learn more about cyber security and how to protect themselves, their devices, and their customers from the growing threats of online attacks and scams.

The challenge runs from 10-14 April 2023 across Quad countries—Australia, India, Japan, and the United States. Challenge participants are encouraged to improve their cyber security and:

  • Think before you click
  • Regularly update security settings on your devices
  • Use strong passphrases Enable multi-factor authentication.

Visit Quad Cyber Challenge to find out more.

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