Wellbeing – building positive school communities

Friday 14 October 2016


The Department of Education and Training has made some exciting developments in the area of student wellbeing with a brand new website, the Student Wellbeing Hub, which is underpinned by the National Safe Schools Framework.

While we had success and some fantastic contributions from the education sector to the Safe Schools Hub, the new site reflects the Australian Government’s ongoing commitment to being responsive to important issues affecting today’s schools as they strive to build and sustain positive, respectful and supportive teaching and learning communities.

The Hub brought together information, advice and best-practice approaches to deal predominantly with the important issue of bullying.

The Student Wellbeing Hub website’s bright and engaging look and feel and simple navigation will ensure that educators, parents and students find information and resources tailored to their needs.

The new-look site is bright and engaging with simple navigation which makes information and resources easy for educators, parents and students to find.

Educators will find a range of classroom resources, as well as professional learning modules and support materials for developing programs that promote the resilience and skills students need if they are to make positive choices as they navigate their school years.

Parents will find advice and information to help them support their child, build positive communication with their child’s school and contribute actively to the wider school community.

Students will find age-appropriate information, advice and games that build their understanding of topics and issues important to their wellbeing at school and beyond.

Designed for use with a range of mobile devices and for interaction with social media, this new website is certain to be a go-to resource for school communities.