Teacher Effectiveness Systems, Frameworks and Measures: A Review

Friday 17 March 2017


On 17 March 2017, the Australian Government released the report Teacher Effectiveness Systems, Frameworks and Measures: A Review, prepared by the University of Melbourne Graduate School Of Education.

The report presents the findings of research on international approaches to measuring teacher effectiveness and their applicability to Australia. Measures of teacher effectiveness are vital for understanding what impact teachers have on student outcomes and how to build teachers’ capacity to use that information to improve their teaching.

The Australian Government will work with state and territory governments, the teaching profession and the education community to further examine the suitability of teacher effectiveness measures for the Australian context.

The specific aim of this project was to examine and summarise current international policies and practices regarding teacher evaluation, evaluate these systems, and subsequently inform the development of a teacher effectiveness measure for Australia.

This examination and summary was achieved through a rapid synthesis of controlled research, grey literature, and policy documents relating to teacher effectiveness and evaluation procedures. Policies, practices, and procedures were summarised and represented in an evaluation crosswalk for ease of reference and clarity.