Learning Potential 2.0 app upgrade

Monday 12 December 2016


Just in time for the school holidays, on Monday 12 December 2016, Minister Birmingham announced a major upgrade to the Australian Government’s Learning Potential mobile app, a great initiative to encourage parents to get more involved in their children’s education.

Learning Potential 2.0 includes more age segments, so parents will get the tips and ideas that are most relevant according to their child’s age – from babies to senior high school.  Parents are now also able to search the content on the app, sort and filter topics and be given recommendations on related articles that might interest them.

The upgraded app includes 45 great new articles, 2 new videos, and lots of tips and suggestions for fun summer holiday activities.

The free Learning Potential app is available to download now on Android and Apple devices from the App Store and Google Play. Find out more on the Learning Potential website.