Launch of new Literacy Hub to support the development of vital literacy skills

Friday 7 August 2020


On 2 August 2020, the Australian Government launched a new online Literacy Hub. The Hub includes a voluntary online Phonics Health Check for teachers to use with their Year 1 students and for families there is a phonics and a reading awareness check and lots of other resources to help children learn to read. All of these free, online resources will help families and teachers work together to support children to develop their literacy skills.

The teacher administered online Phonics Check for Year 1 students will help teachers identify students who need additional support and intervention to help with their reading and literacy skills development.

Learning to read is a partnership between schools and families. To support this partnership, families might like to do the phonics or the reading awareness check so they can better understand how their children are tracking in learning to read. This will help equip families to engage with their child’s classroom teacher, who is best placed to advise families how to support the development of literacy skills at home.

Resources with key information about phonics and learning to read, and materials that support delivery of the checks are available on the Literacy Hub. The Hub also includes a range of activities that support learning to read at school and at home.

For more information on the Literacy Hub, or checks please visit the Year 1 Phonics Check page.