Helping disadvantaged Australians succeed at university

Thursday 4 February 2016


Twenty-one projects from 12 universities have been awarded funding of $2.4 million through the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Programme (HEPPP) National Priorities Pool.

The projects aim to ensure that Australians from low socio-economic status backgrounds who have the ability to study at university have the opportunity to do so.

The projects will help universities improve their support for these students by conducting research that builds the evidence base, piloting innovative approaches and improving current programme delivery.

National Priorities Pool projects include:

  • Central Queensland University: $156,686 to explore the efficacy of equity strategies employed by Australian universities to improve opportunities and success in higher education by people from low socio-economic backgrounds.
  • University of Western Australia: $184,073 to design and trial innovative activities for early secondary school students that will link numeracy skills development to exciting career options.
  • Southern Cross University in Queensland: $220,000 to develop online resources to build mathematics capability of low-SES regional university students.

For more information visit the National Priorities Pool Projects and the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Programme page.