Engaging Employers in Skills Development for the 21st Century: Joint Australian Government and OECD Workshop

Wednesday 22 June 2016


Policy makers and industry representatives from around the world converged on Adelaide on the 2nd and 3rd of June for a skills innovation workshop - jointly hosted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Australian Government.

Over 100 industry, government and vocational education experts discussed leading practice examples and shared their expertise and insights regarding effective ways to engage employers in skills development and work-based learning. Workshop sessions traversed a broad range of topics, anchored around the premise that employers will be at the centre of global efforts to develop future workforce skills. Participants discussed the importance of building good employer relationships, embracing differences at the business, industry and regional level and designing policy responses that facilitate local solutions for local issues.

The workshop heard the world economy is undergoing significant change, with structural adjustment, technological advances and globalisation driving deep change in traditional industry sectors and generating growth in new areas. Governments, industries and employers are grappling with the challenges and opportunities presented by these profound shifts and the significant implications they have for how skills are developed and used in the workplace.

Presentations touched on the vastly different world faced by the young people of today, the changing nature of skills required for tomorrow’s workforce, and the great challenges but also the exciting opportunities associated with entering the workforce at a time of unprecedented technological and social change. Discussion expanded beyond Australia’s shores and looked at international lessons from New Zealand, East Asia, South East Asia and India, including leading practice in work based learning and the need for skills policies across the world to broaden their focus beyond skills development to skills utilisation.

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Keynote speaker, Department Secretary Dr Michele Bruniges, with presenters Jessica Wooley (Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador), Jared Stone (Australian Apprenticeship Ambassador) and Sara Caplan (PwC Skills for Australia).


Pictured (L-R): Suzi Hewlett, Group Manager, Industry Skills and Quality Group, Jonathan Barr, Policy Analyst, OECD, Anna Rubin, Policy Analyst, OECD, Dr Sylvain Giguère – Head of the OECD Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Programme.